Water Damage Photo Gallery

The equipment is drying the floor

Water Damage

Our equipment is work hard to restore the floor. We take no short cuts. Doing the job right is the difference between saving the floor or having to replace the entire floor. We pride ourselves with the restore vs. replace mentality which resulted large savings for homeowners.

Flooded Warehouse

Commercial Large Loss

When a disaster strikes and your business is impacted call SERVPRO. We will make sure that we get your business running quickly and minimize the impact. We know how important it is to minimize the disruption. SERVPRO is the name to call. 

Commercial Dehumidifier

Commercial Loss

Drying commercial Structures required very expansive equipment. SERVPRO has the equipment required to assist to any size disaster. We are premier restoration company in the world. Always ready to help our local community! 

green drying equipment on tile floor in mall

Large Loss

The mall was flooded and the large loss responded to help quickly. We quickly secured the area with yellow caution tape. The mall was back in business rapidly. SERVPRO is the expert in large loss. 

flooded warehouse with concrete floors and water standing

Large Loss

This was the aftermath of a flood in a warehouse. There was lots of water in the warehouse. We were able to assist quickly and help resume business operation in a timely fashion.


SERVPRO Always ready to Help!

Large Loss

SERVPRO Ready for any size Disaster!

all terrain vehicle parked on golf course

Ready for any size disaster

Our ARGO is an Amphibious vehicle ready to help. 

The ARGO is equipped with a towable floating trailer to remove your valuables from a flood. The ARGO is the machine required for large flood evacuation. 

green drying equipment with hoses and mats on hardwood floor

Water damage

Our air mover and dehumidifier are working air to dry the structures. You can easily recognize the SERVPRO way by the color of our equipment we keep it green. Like it never even happened.